Input/Output: Joda Clément, TIME + PLACE  • a new series on National Sawdust Log, meant to address music produced largely or wholly with electronics and/or computers in a new way: by going to the source, enlisting the creators themselves to share insights about the music they make, the tools and processes they employ, and the goals they have in mind. Words and concept by Steve Smith. (2017)
Extermination Music Nights: Reanimating Toronto’s Lost Geographies In Sound and Art • by Jeremy Strachan, published in Echo: A Music-Centered Journal, an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal created and edited by graduate students in the Department of Musicology at the University of California, Los Angeles. (see: section {16}) (2014)
Tokafi • 15 Questions to Joda Clément by Tobias Fischer (2012)
Crow with no mouth: the sounding of the world by Jesse Goin (2012)
Extermination Music Night • by Jay Somerset, featured in issue #105 of Musicworks magazine (2009)
Francisco López / Joda Clément May 7, 2009 • The Music Gallery • Toronto Review by Tom Sekowski
Gordon Monahan, Olivia Block & Joda Clement  June 26, 2008 • The Music Gallery Review by Tom Sekowski