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Joda Clément – Sea Songs

Available from caduc in an edition of 100 with custom bookmark

Mastered by Joe Panzner
Artwork by Carolyn Ellen Beattie




I’ll admit that this time Joda Clément had me hooked even before I began to listen. The “ear-in-the-shell” cover photo. The record’s title. My incontestable devotion to the sea, in front of / inside which I have spent the most inestimable fragments of my entire existence. All the factors were in place for what one might call a “biased” review, also in virtue of my liking of Clément’s previous output (or, at least, what I’ve been able to enjoy of it to date).

The album fulfilled my expectations, becoming a welcome presence over these last days. Spread onto three tracks, Sea Songs combines various types of location recordings (not only marine), emulsified echoes, faded snapshots, subliminal suggestions and tiny surprises: pay attention to the final seconds. A series of consecutive scenes defined by a clear sense of continuity, and I don’t mean just sonically; all of them are meaningful, poignantly human in a peculiarly unassuming way. As always with the Canadian, there’s no surplus of “in-your-face” detail; still, several components are discernible or intuitable. The long-established technique of mixing sounds as if they were captured by our ears on an actual shore represents an ideal route across memories of ancient scents, adolescent heartbreaks and – especially – the first signs of an important realization: the all-encompassing music of the sea, with all the tangible details of a real life surrounding it, form a mind-enhancing drone charged with the secrets of inscrutable emotions.


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