high quality chrome, magnetic tape release from Marginal Frequency, original artwork by Mathieu Ruhlmann. Limited to 100 units.

A1. Taking Tiger Mountain (version)*
A2. Against What Light

B1. between regions of partial shadow and complete illumination

Joda Clément – analog synthesizer, field recordings, electromagnetic feedback, treatments
Mathieu Ruhlmann – objects, oscillators, shruti box, amplified objects, field recordings, reel to reel, ukelin

guests on “Taking Tiger Mountain”:
Cristián Alvear – guitar
Gregory Moskos – piano
Alexandra Spence – Clarinet
Tim Clément – tape loops
Judith Hamann – cello, voice
A.F. Jones – lap steel, voice

*written by Brian Eno; concept and arrangement by Joda Clément & Mathieu Ruhlmann

all music by Joda Clément and Mathieu Ruhlmann

Mixed by Joda Clément
Mastered by A.F. Jones at Laminal Audio

Design: Mathieu Ruhlmann

C48, edition of 100



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