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Improvised performance at Somewhere There studio in Toronto, as part of the monthly series ‘Gone Fishing’, curated and filmed by David Sait.

Upcoming concerts in Toronto


Sunday August 12th Eminent Domain special presentation
NAISA, Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie Street, Studio #252
8pm, $10


Bryan Eubanks (USA)

Catherine Lamb (USA)

Joda Clément (Toronto)

GONE FISHING 007Monday August 13th
Somewhere There, 227 Sterling Road
Unit 112 (just south of Bloor on Ruttan St.)
8pm, $10

Joda Clément solo performance

Bryan Eubanks + Catherine Lamb duo performance (composition by lamb)

Colin Anthony/Aisha Sasha John/Brenda Joy Lem/Michael Lynn performing excerpts from M. NourbeSe Philip’s poetic work “Zong!”

as part of Bryan Eubanks/Catherine Lamb Tour 2012

north north


New music online at homophoni, a lovely netlabel devoted to electro-acoustic composition & improvisation.

joda clément + tomasz krakowiak + pau torres – north north 18:58

recorded in toronto and meaford, ontario, 2011

field recordings:
thunderstorm at dawn, inside metal sphere


“Compositions using field recordings generally fall into two categories: those that describe a location, and those which explore environmental or social themes. However there are also compositions which enjoy experimenting with the qualities of particular sounds, where the musicality of field recordings is manipulated into an unrecognisable form through the tools available to the composer. ‘North North 18:58′ belongs to this later category. Devoid of any specific location it encourages the audience to immerse themselves in heavily distorted synthesised lines which weave their textures around a recording of a storm.

‘North North 18:58′ begins with small drops of rain recorded inside a metal sphere, followed by analog synthesisers with polyphonic drones. The tone created in ‘North North’ 18:58 is that of a work heavily dependent upon studio technology. Purists could raise some objections to this approach, yet in truth field recording is reliant upon studio intervention and technology in one form or another. Whereas some compositions attempt to disguise the technology that produces them, ‘North North 18:58′ revels in the juxtaposition of the naturally recorded elements and those from the studio. This has resulted in an emotionally intense composition which might indicate the direction that some field recordists will take in the future. Read more…

Saturday March 31 at 8 pm


JODA CLÉMENT – THE NARROWS Album release concert
Saturday March 31 at 8 pm
Gallery 345
$20; $10 Students

“To celebrate the release of his first CD since 2005, The Narrows (on the Belgian Unfathomless label), Joda Clément has put together and an audio/visual soundscape presentation of the piece. This Canadian premiere features exclusive video accompaniment by acclaimed Toronto artist Jubal Brown. To start the evening off, Joda has invited young Montreal composer (and collaborator) Christopher Strickland to present the premiere of his electro-acoustic piece entitled Kingdom of Ends, an “homage to Toronto” scored for various field recordings of Toronto (recorded by Clément),  prepared grand piano and double bass, played by Chandan Narayan.”


Chris StricklandThe Kingdom of Ends (for prepared piano, field recordings and double bass, performed by Chandan Narayan)

Joda Clément – The Narrows (audio/visual soundscape presentation with exclusive video accompaniment by Jubal Brown)

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The Narrows


U09 | Joda Clément | The Narrows

format : CD ltd to 200 hand numbered copies
release year : 2011
length : 35’13

Available now from Unfathomless (sound samples online)

>>> order via Paypal :

(Europe) : 14 € (inc.postage)

(World) : 15 € (inc.postage)


“I’m in love with field recordings. The sounds of the forest, chirping birds, the incoming storm. The audio postcard of a particular setting brings the listener directly into the scene. It does not begin with an abstract representation of the artist’s mind – it begins in the forest, with chirping birds, and the incoming storm. Now something descends upon the plain, swallowing textures and sounds in its ginormous glow and humm. The rain brought more than just the water. It carried within this invisible something, that dissolves the air like liquid night. The atmosphere changes, rising in velocity, voltage and volume. Drone sets in, crawling through the fog, like an incoming migrane. Two realities, percieved and yet to be imagined, merge into one. This is the place of The Narrows as I envision it to be. Read more…

Interview online


15 Questions to Joda Clément

“Many artists on the sound art scene will try to get their work out as quickly as possible in a bid of staying „contemporary“, „up to date“ and „relevant“. To sound artist and composer Joda Clément, contrarily, time is a quality seal and a musical aspect of a recording – baked into its structure, as it were, like a genetic fingerprint or watermark….

…Suitably, he has only now returned the interview I sent him all the way back in 2006, years late on the one hand, yet perfectly on time on the other: Although this period might seem like an eternity in a business all too often in love with with novelty in a bid of trying to stay contemporary, Joda’s replies don’t sound irrelevant or out of date one bit. We may be living in busy times, but sometimes, things really do seem to come to those willing to wait.”Tobias Fischer, Tokafi



During November 2010 I had a chance to re-connect with Vancouver based percussionist Jeffrey Allport, who was visiting Toronto because his girlfriend Kara Uzelman had a residency at the Mercer Union gallery.  Joined by our mutual friend Chandan Narayan, we formed an ad hoc trio and made the most of the opportunity to perform and record together, including concerts in Toronto, Montreal and a special sound performance integrated within Kara’s installation at Mercer Union.

We’re currently sorting through the rest of our recordings, but I anticipate that we will compile and hopefully release some of this material this year.

Another pic below…

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