New release ‘A Concert for Charles Cros’


Clément | Jones | Olsen | Ruhlmann  –  A Concert for Charles Cros

CD available from caduc. recordings.

‘A Concert for Charles Cros’ was recorded live on May 11, 2013 using previous recorded material by Daniel Jones that was unheard until the time of the recording.

Joda Clément | analogue synthesizer, field recordings + objects
Daniel Jones | guitar + electronics
Lance Austin Olsen | tape players, amplified objects + guitar
Mathieu Ruhlmann | reel to reel, cymbal, ukelin + objects

Mastered by Joe Panzner
Mixed by Mathieu Ruhlmann
Artwork by David Ruhlman



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New release: ‘The Party’


Jeffrey Allport/Joda Clément/Chandan Narayan – The Party

CD now available from Simple Geometry Records (or directly from me: jodaclement (at) gmail (dot) com)

Recorded 2010 at the Mercer Union Gallery (Toronto, Ontario) and Interstice (Montreal, Quebec)
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A relatively new, exclusive track available to stream or download from on the fifth I Hate Music Compilation. The full compilation can be found here and features a host of interesting artists who post on the always amusing I Hate Music message board.

The Narrows

U09 | Joda Clément | The Narrows

format : CD ltd to 200 hand numbered copies
release year : 2011
length : 35’13

Available now from Unfathomless (sound samples online)

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“I’m in love with field recordings. The sounds of the forest, chirping birds, the incoming storm. The audio postcard of a particular setting brings the listener directly into the scene. It does not begin with an abstract representation of the artist’s mind – it begins in the forest, with chirping birds, and the incoming storm. Now something descends upon the plain, swallowing textures and sounds in its ginormous glow and humm. The rain brought more than just the water. It carried within this invisible something, that dissolves the air like liquid night. The atmosphere changes, rising in velocity, voltage and volume. Drone sets in, crawling through the fog, like an incoming migrane. Two realities, percieved and yet to be imagined, merge into one. This is the place of The Narrows as I envision it to be. Continue reading

Musicworks #105: interview + compilation CD

Musicworks #105 Winter 2009

Interview for an article on Extermination Music Night, a summertime live music series where shows take place in the most unusual of venues: abandoned buildings, under bridges and in the woods; areas not typically associated with music performance; interview details two projects I contributed to Extermination Music Night in 2009.

Compilation CD included with the magazine features a track from The Cherry Beach Project (which is now sold out from Mystery Sea)

extermination music night X <—- performing ‘Bridge Music’ at Extermination Music Night X (for amplified bridge)

OSTINATO Limited Edition CDrs

OSTINATO 11 Limited Edition CDr

1 Freida Abtan vs Joda Clement – Untitled 28:29
2 Anonymous – Untitled 12:17
2 Kolumkilli vs Aidan Baker – Untitled 10:13
3 Gyges vs Vromb – Untitled 22:32

Recorded live at Inter_act 2
MUTEK 2006, Montreal, Québec June 2, 2006
Curator: Eric Mattson


OSTINATO 20 Limited Edition CDr

1 Joda Clément – For Henri Michaux 14:59
2 Alexandre St-Onge – Joseph Carey Merrick 19:39
3 Freida Abtan – Orpheus 19:15
4 Erin Sexton – Homer & Steina Vasulka 15:06

Recorded at Epoxy 3
Sala Rossa, Montreal, Quebec May 2, 2007
Curator: Eric Mattson

Ostinatos: series of thirty works by artist Jérôme Fortin and limited edition of thirty CDrs, thirty copies each, containing live recordings from concerts produced by curator Eric Mattson.

Comes on a carbon CDr with info insert and two two-color artprints, one of which is hand-numbered and signed by the artist.

Available from Oral Records


Cherry Beach Project “silo 11” ( MS35 )

Cherry Beach is located at the end of a small, artificially created peninsula on which various heavy industrial facilities and toxic no-man’s lands decay. The area is infamous as a site out of public sight for police to engage in ‘off the record’ activities. Our location was within a complex of vacant waste oil storage facilities on Cherry Beach. While recording on the night of June 5th, 2004, we were forced to abandon our equipment after discerning that violent activities were taking place in one of the seemingly abandoned structures nearby. We returned at dawn to retrieve our equipment, which we were able to do successfully, only to be pursued out of the area and down the beach by two unidentified men. Fortunately we escaped unharmed, with our recordings intact. Since this time the entire compound and all of its reverberant structures have been demolished, leaving only an empty lot. The material presented here has been selected from two days of recording on site, but otherwise left untreated and unprocessed.”

– Joda Clément/Nigel Craig, November 2006

Sold out from Mystery Sea


THE WIRE # 278 – Outer Limits | Jim Haynes
Cherry Beach is located in a lakefront region of Toronto that had once been a heavily utilised industrial zone. When the area was abandoned and left to Continue reading


“Movement + Rest is the result of two years work listening, collecting and arranging sound. My recordings attempt to blur the distinction between electronic, acoustic and ambient sources. Analog or acoustic instruments are used because of the direct physical process with which they generate sound. I take field recordings from sounds that habitually go unnoticed in the daily environment (airplanes overhead, trains passing in the night, the broken radiator at the end of the hall, falling snow), as well as those which are less accessible for hearing (the abandoned subway tunnels of Toronto, a muffled cab ride through Guadalajara, contact mics on Jacques Cartier Bridge, etc.). I combine nondescript omnipresent noises that surround us with instrumental and vocal recordings to create a landscape of sounds that unites the properties of both musical and everyday contexts”. -JODA CLÉMENT

Order on-line at Alluvial Recordings $8.00 p.p. in North America, elsewhere $10.00.

VITAL WEEKLY 489 (Frans de Waard)
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