Non-Place / Place

I will have some field recordings featured in an installation taking place at Judson Memorial Church, in New York City, as part of the Ear to the Earth 2012. The project is a sonic exchange in form of a multi-channel sound installation and a concert organized by Daniel Neumann and Gill Arno and featuring international phonographers and local sound artists and musicians.

Ear to the Earth 2012
Non-Place / Place
A sonic exchange

Monday, November 26
Installation 2—8pm
Concert 8pm
Judson Church, 55 Washington Square South

“The spaces of circulation, consumption and communication are multiplying across the globe, making the presence of the networks they rely on highly visible.” – and audible.
(Marc Augé)

Local Participants (lineup in progress):
Andrew Lafkas, Barry Weisblat, Ben Owen, Dave Ruder, David Galbraith, Jason Brogan, Jennifer Grossman, Madeleine Shapiro, Richard Kamerman, Tyler Wilcox, Theres Wegmann (graphic design), Wolfgang Gil (programming)

Alan Courtis (Argentina), Bernd Schurer (Switzerland), Ernst Karel (U.S.), Estherb (Canada), Gil Sanson (Venezuela), Gilles Aubry (Switzerland/Germany), Jason Kahn (U.S./Switzerland), Joda Clément (Canada), John Grzinich (U.S./Estonia), Jordan Paul (U.S.), Martin Janicek (Czech Republic), Pali Mersault (France), Patrick Franke (Germany), Patrick McGinley (U.S./Estonia), Sebastien Roux (France), Simon Whetham (United Kingdom)

Arno and Neumann receive recordings from multiple international phonographers that deal with the concept of Non-place as articulated by Marc Augé. These recordings are cataloged and arranged into a complex acoustic topology inside the Judson Memorial Church.

The installation will run in the afternoon and subsequently function as the starting point and the environment of the evening concert.


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