Saturday March 31 at 8 pm

JODA CLÉMENT – THE NARROWS Album release concert
Saturday March 31 at 8 pm
Gallery 345
$20; $10 Students

“To celebrate the release of his first CD since 2005, The Narrows (on the Belgian Unfathomless label), Joda Clément has put together and an audio/visual soundscape presentation of the piece. This Canadian premiere features exclusive video accompaniment by acclaimed Toronto artist Jubal Brown. To start the evening off, Joda has invited young Montreal composer (and collaborator) Christopher Strickland to present the premiere of his electro-acoustic piece entitled Kingdom of Ends, an “homage to Toronto” scored for various field recordings of Toronto (recorded by Clément),  prepared grand piano and double bass, played by Chandan Narayan.”


Chris StricklandThe Kingdom of Ends (for prepared piano, field recordings and double bass, performed by Chandan Narayan)

Joda Clément – The Narrows (audio/visual soundscape presentation with exclusive video accompaniment by Jubal Brown)


Joda Clément bio

Toronto based artist Joda Clément has been performing and composing experimental music in Canada for over 10 years, developing a unique repertoire of methods for working creatively with sound. His work utilizes analog and acoustic instruments, microphones, found objects and noises recorded from natural and urban environments, investigating hidden properties of sound, space and recording techniques that transcend a distinction between audio and source.

Joda has performed compositions, improvisation and/or exhibited audio/visual installations in numerous Canadian cities and festivals, New York and recently in Europe including appearances at The Music Gallery, MOCCA, Issue Project Room (NY), Reheat (Austria), Suoni Per Il Popolo, Extermination Music Night, Electric Eclectics, MUTEK and Oboro New Media lab as well as live collaborations with Magali Babin, Michael Northam, Hitoshi Kojo, Olivia Block, Bhob Rainey, Bonnie Jones, Kai Fagaschinski, Chris Cogburn, Tomasz Krakowiak and Freida Abtan.

About Joda Clément: Tobias Fischer, Tokafi online interview


Jubal Brown bio

Jubal Brown is a video maker, multi-media artist, organizer, and writer based in Toronto. He has shown extensively in Europe and North America. His projects consistently challenge boundaries of culture regardless of the medium, pushing limits of spectatorship, often manifesting an amoral barrage of mindless directionless energy, often a tragic and beautiful collision of despair and longing. Co-founder of the PO-PO seditionary action team responsible for Toronto’s legendary WASTELAND event series. Co-founder of the ART SYSTEM Cultural Center in Toronto. Co-founder of the multimedia label FAMEFAME, notorious for producing, programming and promoting experimental cutting edge audio/visual culture. Other projects include the live event UNKNOWN UNKNOWN, the interactive social sculpture series The Land of the Lost, and the live video event series VIDEODROME.


Chris Strickland bio

Christopher Strickland is a Montreal based composer and improviser who is interested in the examination of thresholds of perception and the co-existence of the incidental with artifice. In his compositional work he endeavours to illuminate the unheard aural peculiarities of the performance venue while placing them in a dialogue with classical music instruments.  By delving into the multitude of shades in-between musical banality and richness, intensity and quietude, he hopes to show the interdependence of these conflicting oppositions and approximate the fluidity of form and structure that occurs in nature.

Strickland has collaborated with many local and international musicians such as Joda Clément (Toronto), Erin Sexton (MTL), Emilie Mouchous (MTL),  Tomasz Krakowiack (Toronto), Greg Kelley (Boston), Christian Weber ( Switzerland), Bryan Eubanks (Baltimore)  and Peter Kutin (Vienna). He is also involved with two long-standing projects with turntablist Steve MacFarland and with Montreal electronics/percussion musician Jon Boles as BlackSoul.


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