Interview online

15 Questions to Joda Clément

“Many artists on the sound art scene will try to get their work out as quickly as possible in a bid of staying „contemporary“, „up to date“ and „relevant“. To sound artist and composer Joda Clément, contrarily, time is a quality seal and a musical aspect of a recording – baked into its structure, as it were, like a genetic fingerprint or watermark….

…Suitably, he has only now returned the interview I sent him all the way back in 2006, years late on the one hand, yet perfectly on time on the other: Although this period might seem like an eternity in a business all too often in love with with novelty in a bid of trying to stay contemporary, Joda’s replies don’t sound irrelevant or out of date one bit. We may be living in busy times, but sometimes, things really do seem to come to those willing to wait.”Tobias Fischer, Tokafi


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