ONE HOUR EMPIRE Issue 3 feature

ONE HOUR EMPIRE offers a survey of contemporary culture featuring the arts, design, current affairs and more.

Issue 3 features exclusive photographs and writing related to the Cherry Beach Project installation from Empire of Dreams at the the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, biennial celebration of artists living in Toronto.

EMPIRE OF DREAMS Issue 3 is now available from the following stockists:

Art Metropole

Book City

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art

Swipe/ Build 401 Richmond

Type Books

XPACE Gallery

FEATURING: Dan Bergeron/ Joda Clément with Nigel Craig/ Liam Crockard/ Dorian FitzGerald/ Sara Graham/ Alberto Guedea Zamora/ David Han/ Mike Hoolboom/ Janet Jones/ Mark F. Jull/ Yvonne Lammerich/ Tristram Lansdowne/ David Liss/ An Te Liu/ Samina Mansuri/ Alex McLeod/ Jade Rude and Bruno Billio/ Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak/ T&T/ Josh Thorpe/ David Trautrimas


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