Global Ear: Toronto, Bridge Music

My performance at the Prince Edward Viaduct is featured in the Global Ear: Toronto piece in the December ’08 issue of The Wire , by Daniel Neilson, excerpts below:

‘The Extermination Music Night (EMN) is part of a growing experimental music scene that has taken to the streets, to disused industrial sites, residential houses and public parks for its fruition. While Toronto’s traditional arts spaces are far from conservative, this movement is re-examining artistic relationship with the city’s environment, while in turn absorbing its urbanity…

…It is exactly the kind of urban environment and situational melding that appeals to the night’s first performer Joda Clément, an ambient recordist and arranger. For his (2006) piece Cherry Beach Project (reviewed in The Wire 278) Clément documented two nights in an abandoned and toxic industrial ruins, frequented by Toronto’s underclass and corrupt cops…

…Tonight Clément has miked the viaduct, and fed the results through itself. The vibrations of the bridge’s traffic are then manipulated, squeezed through reverb and amplified, conjoining with the continuous hum of the nearby highway and the train’s regular and overwhelming rattles overhead. The synthesis of the natural city ambience and synthetic, the acoustic and electronic, mesmerises the audience, who listen intently not only Clément’s production but the independent hubbub of life.’ — Daniel Neilson, The Wire (issue 298)

Hear a selection of tracks, to accompany Global Ear: Toronto here.  Included is music by Canaille, Joda Clement, Element Choir, Feuermusik, Darren Copeland, Barry Prophet and Tim Hecker.


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